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If you’re looking for a good radar detector then I would suggest sticking around. We have dedicated this website to share the best radar detector reviews of 2016. There is hundreds of radar detectors on the market but only and handful of them are worth purchasing that work well. Most of the cheaper radar detector only detector a certain amount of radar bands and usually have a very weak range, along with false alarms that aren’t really cops using radar guns. Buying a top of the line radar detector will be worth the investment to avoid speeding tickets. When choosing a one these things you want to be sure it detects all radar and laser bands. Here are the top three radar detector recommendations if money is not an issue.



Top 3 Best Radar Detector Reviews 2016

Valentine One


The Valentine One radar detector is currently on people’s top list for best radar detector to buy. However, it’s also one of the most expensive radar detectors, but the performance pays its dues. It’s mostly known for its extra long-range detection, signaling whether they’re behind or in front of you. Knowing where the cop is giving you a bigger advantage most radar detector doesn’t have.



Passport Max


The Passport max escort radar detector is another very popular radar detector of 2015. Its overall performance is simply amazing and it completely worth the money. It’s a very sleek looking radar detector that has multi-colored OLED screen display with graphics. When you are driving along and the radar detector alerts you and show you on the screen that band and strength of the signal. This is a great feature for people who play there music loud and can’t hear the sound alert. It’s detects all known radar and laser bands in enough times to reduce their speed before getting speeding ticket.



Escort Redline


One of my most favorite would be the Escort Redline I’ve owned so far. One thing that really nice feature is, if you do a lot of traveling between different states is the undetectable shield technology. This feature makes your radar detector undetectable by a radar detector detector. Yes, there is a device that cops use in states where radar detectors are not allowed. They can send electromagnetic wave to detect if you are using one, but not with the escort redline.



All in all, these are 3 of the top competing radar-detectors on the market right now. Like I said before, if money is not an issue I would recommend purchasing of these three. 

When it comes to choosing a new one make sure you know what you are looking for. They can become very exspensive real quick but so can't a speed ticket. If you dont have a lot of money to spend you can also check out some of our best police radar detectors.